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Chiller TV!

I've just been informed that Summer School will air tonight on Chiller TV!

Check out the schedule here:

EDIT: For all the new fans we've acquired from the Chiller TV showings; I apologize but we can't register any new users until our server and core site code is updated. Feel free to send us emails though.

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Create a "Summer School" Flyer and Win Cool Stuff!

Yeah that's right everyone! Planet of Terror is holding a contest for the 2010 Seattle Crypticon where you get the chance to design a flier to advertise the screening! Go Here for the rules and prizes you can win and SUBMIT your design! Our film will be screening with the short film, "Alice Jacobs is Dead" starring Adrienne Barbeau. So start designing!!!!

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another review...for you...

Thanks to, we have yet another review of Summer School. Jadedviewer was one of the winners on Planet of Terror's Summer School contest. What d'ya know he has a blog as well and reviews horror films. Here it is!

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Remember those times...

I came across this photo today from our "nazi" shot from Summer School That night was insane. Tension, artistic differences, Nazis, torture, everyone covered in fake blood, breathing in god knows what cancerous material, and sticking the barrel of a luger into Simon Wallace's eye socket...

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More reviews!!

Want to hear what people have been saying about Summer School? We have seen an upsurge of response to the film recently thanks to our distribution company Osiris Entertainment and from James "Cortez The Killer" over at

"In It For The Kills" Review

"All Things Horror" Review

"Chuck Norris Ate My Baby" Review

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Another CHance to Score a Copy of Summer School!

Planet of Terror is hosting a contest to win a fully loaded copy of Summer School. Just post your craziest Summer School story on the site and the posters of the best stories will win a DVD! 2 winners. YAY! Just head here and post away! contest.html

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Still haven't seen it?

Odds are if you've scurried your way onto this site you've already seen Summer School in some form. If that's not the case here is a full list On Demand services that are now carrying it:

Atlantic Broadband
Blue Ridge
Cincinnati Bell
HTC Conway
Rogers (CA)

And Summer School is still on Netflix Instant and the DVDs are available through

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I just want to thank James Cortez (aka Cortez the Killer) for posting such a great review of Summer School. Check it!